my dad entered a competition the other day where you had to write who you would like to have a bbq with. It could be anyone in the world, but of course my dad chose noel fielding.

noel fielding

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This is what i have been listening to for two days straight :DD

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my parent don’t bother me anymore, since they found Dexter

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my mum just bought a red car

i think it’s about the most un-indie thing she has ever done

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westerholic asked: I'm sorry if I'm bothering you but I just had this conversation with my parents and I thought about you and your blog: [-Parents: When we started using iBooks people had never heard of them; -Me: ... ; -Parents: And anyway we used them before it was cool; -Me: This goes on tumblr. ] So to let you know you're not alone :)

this just needed to be on my blog. Thank you darling!

i will always accept stories of ‘indie’ parents, which leads me into an apology that i haven’t been updating this blog often (or at all) my parents just haven’t been giving me much to work with?

Anyway thank you Gloria for the fantastic story (hope you were okay with me posting it :D)

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blackcat2406 asked: Once someone gives this to you have to pass it to at least 10 people that are amazing and deserve to know it. Nothing happens if you don't send it, but is always nice to share love ♥

im sorry people, but i had to post this because i have never been sent one of these, and it made me feel so lovely :D (AND PLUS I FINISHED MY HSC TODAY, SO NO MORE EXAMS EVEERRR)

thank you so much darling (and i still haven’t watched the end of spn s6 BUT SCHOOL IS OVER NOW, SO I WILLL)

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i think its funny that ‘jersusalem’ has ‘salem’ in it
my mum
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my mum’s about to read ‘the’ renly scene in acok! as in after the peaches!

I am sitting here anxiously waiting for all of her responses. keep you posted

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so my dad does this thing

where if I am watching anything that he doesn’t want to be associated with, he will just stand up hovering in the corner of the room and watch the show. sometimes he will comment on something that just happened, or he’ll laugh at a joke— but he just won’t sit down and watch the show. To the extent that he will be standing there for over an hour. He just doesn’t want anyone to know he enjoys keeping up with the kardasians!

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myindieparents started following you


Hi :3 

Seriously why can’t my parents be so awesome? D:

sorry! thanks for the follow back missy!

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